RTAS 2021

Accepted Papers


ASIL-Decomposition Based Routing and Scheduling in Safety-Critical Time-Sensitive Networking
Insert & Save: Energy Optimization in IP Core Integration for FPGA-based Real-time Systems
APaS: An Adaptive Partition-Based Scheduling Framework for 6TiSCH Networks
Do Not Overpay for Fault Tolerance!
Tightening Network Calculus Delay Bounds by Predicting Flow Prolongations in the FIFO Analysis
Budget RNNs: Multi-Capacity Neural Networks to Improve In-Sensor Inference under Energy Budgets
Safety-Aware Integration of Hardware-Assisted Program Tracing in Mixed-Criticality Systems for Security Monitoring
ML for RT: Priority Assignment Using Machine Learning
Effectively Scheduling Hard and Soft Real-Time Tasks on Multiprocessors
A Systematic Approach to Achieving Tight Worst-Case Latency and High-Performance Under Predictable Cache Coherence
Developing Real-Time Scheduling Policy by Deep Reinforcement Learning
Practical Principle of Least Privilege for Secure Embedded Systems
Low-Latency In-Band Integration of Multiple Low-Power Wide-Area Networks
PiCAS: New Design of Priority-Driven Chain-Aware Scheduling for ROS2
Deficit Round-Robin: A Second Network Calculus Analysis
Timing Analysis of Asynchronized Distributed Cause-Effect Chains
A Hardware Platform for Exploring Predictable Cache Coherence Protocols for Real-time Multicores
Real-Time Adaptive Sensor Attack Detection in Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems
Event-driven Delay-induced Tasks: Model, Analysis, and Applications
Latency Analysis of I/O Virtualization Techniques in Hypervisor-Based Real-Time Systems
Fault-Tolerant Mapping of Real-Time Parallel Applications under multiple DVFS schemes
OpenUVR: an Open-Source System Framework for Untethered Virtual Reality Applications
Constrained Data-Age with Job-Level Dependencies: How to Reconcile Tight Bounds and Overheads
DNA: Dynamic Resource Allocation for Soft Real-Time Multicore Systems
UHU: Static Initialization of Dynamically-Created System Objects
Simultaneous Multithreading in Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Systems
Towards a Real-Time Wireless Powered Communication Network: Design, Implementation and Evaluation
SchedGuard: Protecting against Schedule Leaks Using Linux Containers
No Crash, No Exploit: Automated Verification of Embedded Kernels
IGOR: Accelerating Byzantine Fault Tolerance for Real-Time Systems with Eager Execution
Automatic Latency Management for ROS 2: Benefits, Challenges, and Open Problems