RTAS 2021

Please visit here for instructions to attend the virtual conference and access the proceedings.

  • Username and password are the same as those provided in the email to all CPS-IoT Week registered participations on May 14 (username starts with “Na” and password starts with “Pa”).
  • You can also use the same username and password to visit here for instructions to attend other conferences of CPS-IoT Week.

Please join the Slack workspace for both technical discussions and asking questions about the logistics.

RTAS 2021 will be hold virtually during May 18-21, 2021. Please check the conference program.



May 21

Outstanding Paper Awards Announced

The winners of the RTAS 2021 Outstanding Paper Awards are:

  • Budget RNNs: Multi-Capacity Neural Networks to Improve In-Sensor Inference under Energy Budgets
  • OpenUVR: an Open-Source System Framework for Untethered Virtual Reality Applications
  • Constrained Data-Age with Job-Level Dependencies: How to Reconcile Tight Bounds and Overheads
  • No Crash, No Exploit: Automated Verification of Embedded Kernels

Congratulations to all authors for their fantastic work!

These excellent papers will be presented in the corresponding sessions at RTAS 2021. Don’t miss these outstanding papers! See the conference program for further details on presentation times.


May 21

Teaser Videos are Available

Check the cool teaser videos of RTAS 2021 papers! http://2021.rtas.org/program/

For each paper published at RTAS 2021, a 3-minutes teaser video is available to public, which helps everybody (either registered for the conference or not) to quickly know the best part of the work. Please visit the conference program page (http://2021.rtas.org/program/), check the teaser videos, and of course, to attend the paper sessions and enjoy the full program of RTAS 2021 during May 19-21 (http://2021.rtas.org/).


Mar 21

Camera Ready Version

The site for uploading the camera ready version is now ready and the camera ready version due is extended to April 8.


Mar 21

Accepted Papers

The list of accepted papers is available and the technical program will come soon.

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RTAS’21, the 27th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium will be held online, as part of the CPS-IoT Week 2021 from the 18th to the 21st of May, 2021.

RTAS’21 has two main tracks:

  • Track 1: Systems, Architecture and Applications;
  • Track 2: Applied Methodologies and Foundations.

as well as opportunities for brief presentations and demonstrations of work in progress.

RTAS is a top-tier conference with a focus on systems research related to embedded systems and time-sensitive systems (of any size).

The scope of RTAS ranges from traditional hard real-time systems to embedded systems without explicit timing requirements, including latency-sensitive systems with informal or soft real-time requirements.