RTAS 2021


RTAS’21, the 27th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium will be held in Nashville, USA, as part of the CPS-IoT Week 2021 from the 18th to the 21st of May, 2021.

RTAS’21 has two main tracks:

  • Track 1: Systems, Architecture and Applications;
  • Track 2: Applied Methodologies and Foundations.

as well as opportunities for brief presentations and demonstrations of work in progress.

RTAS is a top-tier conference with a focus on systems research related to embedded systems and time-sensitive systems (of any size).

The scope of RTAS ranges from traditional hard real-time systems to embedded systems without explicit timing requirements, including latency-sensitive systems with informal or soft real-time requirements.



Oct 20

Submission Site Open

The submission site is now open. Check it out here: https://rtas2021.hotcrp.com.
Make sure to also read the submission instructionstrack description, and double-blind submission requirements. Send your nice work to RTAS 2021! 


Aug 20

Call for Papers published

The RTAS’21 call for papers has been posted, check it out here!


Jul 20

RTAS 2021 website is live

RTAS 2021 website is live!